Register with one of the My Business Networks

If you offer a service related to any of our networks we would love to have you register on My Business Network. By registering today you can secure ‘exclusive’ coverage for your business sector within your chosen area(s) allowing us to promote your Company and secure new business for you. Simply select your postcode area (ie RH10, GU1, TN2) and you will receive exclusivity within your trade or service within those areas for the initial 3 month trial and then for 12 months if you register for full membership with the option to renew on a commission only basis.

  • Be the only Company within your business sector within your chosen postcode areas. You will receive exclusivity within 3 postcode areas as part of your membership fee and more areas can be secured for an additional £99 per postcode. Please note your FREE trial for 3 months can include all postcodes including additional ones selected subject to availability.
  • If you dont have a website we will build you a 3 page website free of charge complete with professional domain name, email and social media accounts (Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest)
  • A Free listing on all our other network sites plus our main site
  • No Monthly Fees or ongoing costs
  • Promote your Company and Services plus display and receive testimonials from your customers

Receive ALL of the above for a FREE 3 month trial  before committing to work with us

The Membership Process

The My Business Networks
Please contact us on 01403 581775 to find out more

The Trade Network

The Trade Network brings consumers and trades people together. If you have a job we have a trades person for you in your area

The Mortgage Network

Do you offer Mortgage services or advice then we need you on our Mortgage Network to assist our clients in your local area 

The Property Network

Our property network consists of Estate Agents, Developers and Overseas Property plus other associated services so join today