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We offer a range of options from a paid membership to a partnership or a commission only arrangement. All memberships are subject to the nature of your business and how MYBN can assist you in making the membership beneficial.

The My Business Network is growing every day and adding more products and services meaning that if you join us we can help you grow as well

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Lead Generation Software

At MYBN we can offer clients or partners access to this revolutionary and automated lead generation software. This automated software allows us to source every business in every sector in every town or city around the world in minutes. We can obtain full contact details including the decision makers name, telephone,email, business address, website and even any Social Media information. To gain access to this software as a partner or to purchase a licence for your business please get in touch today

Website Design & Associated Services
  • Website Design and Development
  • Email and Hosting
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Online Booking Systems
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing Services (Brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary)
  • Logo Design

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Bespoke Chatbot Agency

Grow your business with chatbots and conversational marketing. Chatbots have been shown to increase user engagement as well as conversion rates.


At MYBN we offer a range of online Ecommerce stores offering a wide range of high quality goods to both consumers and businesses. If you have a range of products to offer then please feel free to get in touch and if what you offer is of the standard to meet our clients expectations we will be pleased to welcome you on to our network. We also offer vendors there own Ecommerce store if required and work on a commission based agreement. If you alreay have a Ecommerce site we can discuss ways of working with you including driving clients directly to your store or selling your products via our on MYBN stores online. To get in touch please contact us now. 

Luxury Portfolio

At MYBN we believe in high quality products and services to both businesses and consumers. The Luxury Portfolio takes this to another level with a range of luxury items such as exclusive homes, super and classic cars, yachts and luxury watches plus much more. If you offer a luxury product or service and would like to become a member of our exclusive Luxury Portfolio please get in touch today. To find out more about the Luxury Portfolio please visit this page.

Business in a Box

We offer a complete solution to your business with our 3 powerful pieces of software plus a bespoke artificial intelligence chatbot to help boost sales and manage enquiries on your website and Social Media.

Automated Lead Generation Software

Generate your own client leads and contacts from anywhere in the world within any business sector with this remarkable software

Website and Funnel Builder Software

Fed up of paying web designers and being limited by budgets then you will love our innovation website and funnel builder software

The Latest Innovative Invoicing Software 

Invoicing You is a powerful and new invoicing software giving businesses more features and opportunities to secure customers

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Chatbots are a powerful way to generate more leads on your website and Social Media plus automating much of your customer service

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New Homes Builder Chatbot

Generate more clients for your New Homes Builder Business with a Chatbot now via the which is part of the My Business Network

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Customer Service Chatbot

Assist your customers better with a Customer Service Chatbot now via the which is part of the My Business Network

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Media Agency Chatbot

Generate more clients for your Media Agency Business with a Chatbot now via the which is part of the My Business Network

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